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SafeSept | SafeSept NF Needle Free

SafeSept® NF Needle Free
Transseptal Guidewire

NEW! Transseptal Access… without the Transseptal Needle! Specially designed to replace a transseptal needle while crossing the interatrial septum at the fossa ovalis with improved safety and less force when supported by a transseptal introducer.

SafeSept Photo

The SafeSept® Needle Free Transseptal Guidewire, when used in conjunction with a transseptal dilator and introducer, creates the primary puncture in the interatrial septum, without the need for a transseptal needle, providing access through the septum from the right side of the heart to the left side.

SafeSept NF is a 150cm long, 0.0315 inch diameter nitinol guidewire specifically designed for safer and easier transseptal puncture. The very sharp tip of the SafeSept NF requires less force to perforate and cross the fossa. Unsupported by the dilator and sheath, the tip of the guidewire assumes a ‘J’ shape, rendering it incapable of further tissue penetration.

FeaturesA radiopaque coil along the shaft allows for fluoroscopic visualization of the wire within the left atrium while proximal marker bands help determine the approximate location of the SafeSept NF tip in relation to the tip of the dilator. Once proper guidewire location is confirmed, advancement of the transseptal dilator and sheath “over the wire” into the left atrium is accomplished without the use of a transseptal needle.

Turn the stress that accompanies every transseptal stick into a routine, “no hassles” procedure. The SafeSept Needle Free Transseptal Guidewire is part of a complete line of implantable device therapy products and accessories from Pressure Products.

A radiopaque coil is positioned on the distal end of the SafeSept NF guidewire, providing fluoroscopic localization during the procedure
The SafeSept NF’s tip is very small and very sharp, easily perforating the fossa, requiring less force than a standard transseptal needle.
The soft ‘J’ tip of the SafeSept Needle Free Transseptal Guidewire becomes atraumatic when advanced unsupported into the left atrium
Transseptal introducer and dilator are rendered atraumatic when tracking over the SafeSept
Proximal markers provide approximate transseptal guidewire tip locations relative to the dilator tip of most commercially available transseptal introducers, when used with or without a hemostatic Y-adapter
The included tip straightener makes it easy to insert the SafeSept NF guidewire tip into the hub of a transseptal dilator
Comes in 150cm length for compatibility with all currently available adult transseptal introducer systems


Model Description Length Diameter
SSNF Needle Free Transseptal Guidewire with radiopaque coil 150cm .031"
  SafeSept is a registered trademark of Pressure Products Medical Supplies, Inc.
Patents 8,292,910; 8,157,829; EP1542593; JP4496223. Other U.S. and worldwide patents pending.