Specially designed tool and blade system to aid in the removal of braided sliceable introducers, such as the SafeSheath family of Worley Lateral Vein introducers, after pacemaker lead or catheter placement.

The Cutter is used to simultaneously cut the introducer during retraction while maintaining lead position. The need for an assistant or inadvertent lead dislodgement is minimized.

The unique pistol grip design of the Cutter provides greater control during sheath withdrawal. When cutting a Lateral Vein Introducer within a SafeSheath CSG, the proprietary C-ring firmly engages the hub of the CSG during LV introducer removal.


CSG is held firm during remaining cutting and removal of LVI

The Braided Sheath Cutter was specifically designed to assist in the removal of braided sliceable introducers, such as the SafeSheath® family of braided  Worley Telescopic LV Introducers.

After lead or catheter placement is complete and the introducer is ready for removal, the valve of the SafeSheath is manually split. The blade of the Cutter is positioned within a notch at the proximal end of the exposed sheath.

Lead position is maintained during cutting of LVI



Max. Sheath Size

Largest Lead Size


4.0mm/12 French

2.0mm/6 French

Each Braided Sheath Cutter kit includes:

One braided sheath cutter

Five (5) kits per box

SafeSheath Worley LV Introducers



Special blade design fits within notch to cleanly cut sheath apart

Unique pistol grip design provides better control during cutting and removal of sheath

Constructed of biocompatible, latex- and PVC-free materials

Handles introducers up to 12F and leads to 6F

Proprietary distal C-ring helps stabilize CSG during LVI slicing and removal

USA and Worldwide Patents pending.

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