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Our SafeSheath CSG and Worley Right-sided Access introducers offer the convenience of a hemostatic splittable valve and peel-away sheath, while their 9 French I.D provides an excellent platform for CS access catheters to the coronary sinus, such as the SafeSheath Worley Telescopic LV introducer system.

SafeSheath CSG Braided Core

Hemostatic Peel-away Introducer with
Braided Core for CS Access

Splittable-valved, peel-away hemostatic introducer system combined with a high-torque, radiopaque-tipped sheath and braided core for CS access.


SafeSheath II Worley
Right-sided Access Introducer

Hemostatic Peel-away Introducer System for Right-sided CS Access

Gains access to the RA, for delivery of catheters into the CS or pacing leads into the right ventricle making rightsided LV or RV access as easy as coming from the left.




Pressure Products offers a complete line of vascular access and lead delivery systems and accessories, as well as medical devices for femoral and pacemaker pocket hemostasis.

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